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1 year ago

Essential Elements of a Successful Weight Lifting Program

For those who are beginners in their weight lifting routines, the most highly recommended schedule for training is the 3 day total body split. On the other hand, those who are past the beginner stage have several options to help them build muscles. But more times than not, the recommended agenda is the 3 to 4 day top and lower split.

1 year ago

Key Ideas to Help Excite Muscle Development

Whether you’re only getting started with weight training, or you’ve been going to the gym for months to stimulate muscle growth and you are becoming frustrated because you’re not finding any results, it is time that you make some serious modifications to your routine. This implies that your nutrition, training, supplementation, and of course, rest should be on point in the event you want to make progress.

1 year ago

How to Maximize Muscle Development Every Week

Improve your protein consumption. The more protein is kept in your body, the bigger your muscles will grow. Yet, your body is always draining its stored protein for other functions, like for making hormones. Because of this, there is less protein available for construction muscles. To prevent that from happening, you have to obtain and store more proteins faster than they are broken down by the body.

2 years ago

Can Body Resistance Workout with Occlusion Really Give You Bigger and Stronger Muscles?

There have been a number of studies and tests conducted to see how occlusion training affects the formation of muscles in the body, and amazingly, all the results were consistently positive. As a matter of fact, the studies on resistance band workout for men turned out that in just a week of training, significant muscle growth can be achieved. Results showed that it took four weeks for both the traditional training methods and occlusion training to produce the same results.